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Join the future of UK racquet sports and access custom-built spaces that bring a new perspective to padel, on and off the court.

Padel has brought people together for over 50 years. Right now, CorteSport is bringing custom courts to the UK, so players can access the best experiences in padel. Whatever your level, find your new angle in padel with us.

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Whether you want to book a court and play padel, or you want a court on your site, CorteSport facilitates the best experiences for all players. So no matter your level, you can be part of the UK’s fastest growing sport.

More than just a court

Experiences in padel shouldn’t be limited to our state-of-the-art courts. CorteSport works with new and existing players, ambassadors and sports facilities to maximise involvement and enjoyment past each side of the net.

Building sporting relationships

Sport has the ability to bring people together, and that’s exactly why padel was created. CorteSport creates spaces that develop relationships and builds communities around padel, on and off the court.

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