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Padel is a fast-paced, low-impact sport that teams up tactical plays with unique camaraderie. Its appeal is captivating players of all ages and skill levels, from Premier League footballers and veteran tennis champions to people completely new to sport. With CorteSport, you can find your new angle in sports facilities and bring attractive spaces for padel to your site.

CorteSport offers the total platform for immersing enthusiasts in the dynamic sport of padel. With custom-built courts, professional ambassadors and partners at the forefront of the delivery of the sport, CorteSport builds a vibrant community — bringing unique padel experiences, on and off the court.

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  • Originating in 1969 in Mexico as a game that family and friends can play together, whatever their level, padel has become a fast-growing sport among a broad demographic in recent years. Popular with both men and women and growing in popularity among families and young people, it is a great sport to attract diverse new audiences to your facility.

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Fast-tracked quality court construction

CorteSport de-risks upfront investment for site owners to offer padel facilities. Consulting on all things court setup, our groundwork and surface experts are leaders in construction. So people can quickly start playing padel on your site, at the best place for the game.

Serving strong partnerships in padel

From our affiliated partners who build and service CorteSport courts, the players who enjoy using them and our ambassadors who drive our brand forward, our goal is to create the best padel facilities for a fast-growing community of players in the UK.

Designing destination experiences

CorteSport works with site owners to look at the whole experience for padel players, not just the moments they’re in the game. We analyse how your site will best bring new players in, what facilities are available and what will engage people when they’re on your site.

Key players in construction, brand and digital are the skilled team serving up CorteSport.

Ian Hobbs

Commercial director

Ian’s career spans some of the biggest names in the built environment sector, including ISG, Vinci and Bruceshaw. His whip-smart commercial brain ensures that padel tennis courts on your site are a fantastic commercial opportunity for now and into the future.

Luke Taylor

Brand director

Luke’s experience growing sporting brands and communities, including London Irish RFC. From understanding the role of brand in changing the demographics of supporters to increasing the number of club members, Luke heads up all things creative brand at CorteSport.

Natalie Burns

Strategy director

Natalie brings over a decade of experience in brand strategy, customer experience and service design to CorteSport, ensuring that we deliver the best courts in the UK. Gathering customer intelligence and focusing on how we build active and engaged communities, Nat guides the direction of our brand.

Jan Rust

Digital director

Jan has a background in product design with deep experience in digital development. Having led the creation of a design system for the world’s largest toy brick manufacturer, he knows a thing or two about implementing experience design into organisations. Now he heads up all things digital for CorteSport.

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